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Follow the money

At the GPNP, former Ambassador to the UN, Sarah Mendelson, outlined strategies that any organization can use to show how they are fulfilling the SDGs and to attract grant money that is tied to these goals.

Basically, she said that you can:

  • Use data to validate how your programs supports the goals.
  • Use data to identify and build on activities underway elsewhere.
  • Expand your efforts through collaboration with others on similar paths.
  • Take what is already working for you and expand it to meet the SDGs.

Ready to look at SDG’s for your organization?

During the meeting, I saw that we need to convert these goals into simple components that local non-profits can understand and use in their own mission or in collaboration with other non-profits.

But how? It all starts with collecting the right data in light of the goals you want to achieve. My ongoing belief that tools like Action Analytics can help non-profits get started and make their organization stand out from the rest.

What opportunities are waiting for you? Would realigning your organization’s goals in terms of the SDGs resonate with grant makers?

As a data analyst, I can help activate your data so your organization can:

  • Fit your objectives into the SDGs.
  • Make a stronger case for funders.
  • Increase your capacity while controlling costs.
  • Increase your ability to confidently use data for decision making.
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Ingram Market Analytics, in Pittsburgh, was established by John Ingram, who has 25 years of experience in institutional research. I practice action analytics. I can turn drowsy data into an active advocate to support and champion your ideas. Get results that you can use immediately for greater productivity.