We practice Action Analytics, reviving dead data to be reborn as active analytics, ready to support decisions and actions.

Our Action Analytics Audit works for professionals at any levels

You don't understand how data can improve your service, mission or ROI

Big John’s Bicycles had years of sales data on their customers and performance. They’d reached a plateau and weren’t sure how to expand. Should they focus on new markets, new products, or new territory?

Hidden in their records were useful metrics that could be mined to reveal where the company could go next.

  • Ingram Market Analytics reveals how you can use data to:
  • Generate ideas and new programs
  • Improve or extend your service offerings
  • Push your mission in new directions
  • Improve your ROI
  • Expand your customer reach, even with limited staffing
  • Extend your capacity to reach new markets

Your grant period has ended, refunding is doubtful, and your program is in peril

Arts for Inner City Youth had received three years of funding. They had accomplished a lot, and had a successful proof of concept. But now the grant period is over and the forecast is bleak.

  • No more sharing the great work they are doing
  • No more eager volunteers to keep it going
  • No more successes to further their mission

If this sounds like you, Ingram Market Analytics can help you create a data-rich proposal to powerfully tell your story and win more funding. Create that necessary “lift” so you can continue your program or improve capacity.

You are with a larger company, and need to produce some results – now!

You surveyed your clients, members, or employees. You created a spreadsheet based on responses.

  • Now the results are sitting in a file on your computer.
  • You don’t understand what the data is trying to tell you.
  • You have no idea how to generate a proposal based on the data.

We can show you how to structure data to measure a program, prove the value of continuing it, and impress your boss — and the corner office.

“Too much data is lying dormant in file cabinets and hard drives,” says Ingram Market Analytics president, John Ingram. “So if whether you are making data a priority or building a capability within your enterprise, data needs to be reborn as information that you can act on.”

An advantage for grant writers

We work with grant writers who identify groups that are interested in getting funding, but are not yet “grant ready.”

Let IMA help you construct a pre-proposal, while you are planning the program and identifying opportunities. This will help you:

  • Add value to the evaluation or budget piece of the proposal
  • Describe costs and outcomes as measurable results
  • Define your organization with metrics that funders will respect

Funding sources like rely on the kind of data driven decisions we can help you create.

Grant Professionals of Western PA --  offers great opportunities to network with others on funding advice, opportunities and best practices.

We can help you manage a data project that is underway, particularly if it is overwhelming, tangled up, or off course.



    Everyone has to start somewhere, but it’s not easy to solve a complicated, high-risk problem using data if you’ve never done it before.


    While big data is very valuable, it may not be the silver bullet for your particular business issue.


    We’ve helped many groups focus their search for a specific bit of knowledge in vast amounts of unfamiliar data.

Don’t risk total failure. We’ll make sure the final results are tangible, usable and give you what you need.