Sharing my expertise on Student Financial Aid – Word about my pet passion, better management of student financial aid, is getting around. I’ve been asked to speak on Improving the Student Financial Aid Component at a Technical Review Panel hosted by RTI International (the contractor for the IPEDS Data Collection). It’s on March 31 at the U.S. Department of Education National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) in Washington, DC. I’m anticipating an interesting discussion on how we can use IPEDS data to find financial aid metrics of importance to the higher ed community.

EY-Parthenon selects John Ingram to Provide Leadership -- I'm excited to join EY-Parthenon Advisor team. This invitation-only cooperative provides EY-Parthenon with thought leadership in the field of data analytics in higher education. I will assist their principal consultants who are committed to bringing unconventional, yet pragmatic thinking together for their clients to deliver an actionable strategy. Looking forward to using my experience helping their clients improve their data strategy. 

Three Paths to Get the Answers You Need for Your IPEDS Survey -- I was pleased to be invited by Evisions to write a guest blog on how to get the IPEDS data you need from coworkers, including foolproof suggestions to make even the most uncooperative colleagues respond quickly and completely.

What troubles Pittsburgh’s non-profits? I’m going to spend Dec. 3 at the Greater Pittsburgh Nonprofit Partnership (GPNP) Summit. It seems like an ideal chance to talk to attendees about the issues that are keeping them up at night are facing this year. I’ll report my findings in my next IMA newsletter, along with some ways that data analysis can help.

An inside view of the NCES selection process -- Over the summer I joined 30 other researchers at the NCES Data Institute to study the effects of student debt on civic engagement. While we learned quite a bit, I also learned which types of researchers are best at collaborating to create strong results.

I’ll be putting this knowledge to good use as I volunteer to review candidates’ applications reviewer for the next AIR NCES Data Institute in 2020. I’m looking forward to helping out – and maybe gaining some insights into the skills, goals, and interests of the best institutional researchers in our field.


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