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Unwrapping Analytics

Using data’s super powers for good or evil

Data superheroes can point to many examples of why data deserves a good rep, not a bad rap. Personal exercise data collected on Fitbit, can be used to ...
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Know your competition:
Who rises above the crowd?

Colleges have rivals on the football field, but also in the recruiting arena. You know who they are. I’m talking about the schools that your admitted students also ...
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My summer “vacation” on the training trail

Data gathering, interpretation, enrichment, and presentation -- all of it easier and stronger when you know how to use the best tools around. I spent my summer as ...
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On the training trail…

Continuing with my summer vacation of training, here’s the scoop on my training session on Tableau and my work with the IPEDS Data Institute. Tackling Tableau My first ...
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Giving Student Borrowers a Break

Regular visitors to this site know of my interest in solving the student debt crisis. It continues to hurt recent graduates’ ability to meet any financial goals. With ...
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Partner with SaveYourRefund to Promote Tax Time Savings!

Guest post by America Saves It's always a pleasure to share my blog with like-minded friends. America Saves is a respected organization whose goal is to change as ...
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Good Fortune in 2018…19

What made 2018 a banner year for you? Here's why it was a great one for us. (Hint: It involved a magic kingdom.) Plus, our resolutions for 2019. ...
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Big Data — It’s NOT for everyone.
But is it for you?

Initiating a big data project can be overwhelming. It's not just one more thing on your plate -- it's more like three plates spinning at once. Take step ...
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Have you got the data you need?

To use data analysis you need to acquire sufficient data that is relevant to the business need. Simply put, you need data on what works to promote your ...
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Where do you want to end up?

Now it's time to measure the problem against the data to set the desired performance. Basically, how much do you need to change the situation, relative to the ...
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