Unwrapping Analytics

Good Fortune in 2018…19

What made 2018 a banner year for you? Here's why it was a great one for us. (Hint: It involved a magic kingdom.) Plus, our resolutions for 2019. ...
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Big Data — It’s NOT for everyone.
But is it for you?

Initiating a big data project can be overwhelming. It's not just one more thing on your plate -- it's more like three plates spinning at once. Take step ...
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Have you got the data you need?

To use data analysis you need to acquire sufficient data that is relevant to the business need. Simply put, you need data on what works to promote your ...
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Where do you want to end up?

Now it's time to measure the problem against the data to set the desired performance. Basically, how much do you need to change the situation, relative to the ...
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What can we expect to learn from data analysis?

You've measured the value of the data by defining your business need. You are on your way to using customer data to help to improve your progress to ...
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Tourist in a new town? Open up that map.

Think about data mining this way: you wouldn't walk mindlessly around a large city and expect to end up seeing attractions you'd enjoy. You would plan it in ...
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