Tourist in a new town? Open up that map.

Think about data mining this way: you wouldn’t walk mindlessly around a large city and expect to end up seeing attractions you’d enjoy. You would plan it in advance and follow a map to get to your choices: museums, baseball park, or concert hall.

Without planning, you could stumble across an interesting restaurant, but you could be just as likely to spend the day bored, and tired, with aching feet.

Data mining can help reveal the direction you want to travel, but only if you have laid out the trip itinerary in advance.

In summary, to determine if data mining fits your organization, you must consider:

  • Your business need
  • Your available assets
  • The performance improvement required

If, like Sam, you answered yes to each of the questions posed you are well positioned to proceed with a data analysis project.

So how do you begin? Follow this same thought process before you spend a single dollar on a specific business need – whether it is the retention of students, attracting returning customers, raising funds, or expanding in a new market.

If you decide there is a fit, this preparation will serve you well in talking to your staff, stakeholders, leaders, and consultants who can help you move a data mining project forward.

You don’t have to do it alone

To get professional help with your data analysis needs, contact Ingram Market Analytics and request an Action Analytics Audit.

We will give you a tangible report, clear insights, an immediate course of action for a quick win, and increased ROI.

  • An Action Analytics Audit takes two sessions with your team
  • Results back to you in two weeks
  • We will explain, in detail, how to use the data we provide
  • You’ll have the power you need to make change happen.

Ingram Market Analytics

Ingram Market Analytics, in Pittsburgh, was established by John Ingram, who has 25 years of experience in institutional research. I practice action analytics. I can turn drowsy data into an active advocate to support and champion your ideas. Get results that you can use immediately for greater productivity.

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